BAF02699_DavidDimichele_Charcoal Lines

In the series Pseudo Documentation David DiMichele plays a game with his audience about the perception and reality of installations. You would think that the title would be a dead giveaway, but a “pseudo documentation” of what exactly? While they are presented as large-scale photographs, the scenes are actually miniature constructions of an installation created by the artist’s intricate hand with a keen eye for detail. At first glance one would assume that the photographs document a large -scale installation either completed by DiMichele or another artist. They are extensive scenes were materials overpower a white walled space using materials like metal, glass, and hoses that stretch out like tentacles. However upon closer inspection the facade disappears and small clues such as the miniature toy art-goers in attendance reveals that the entire installation was conceptualized on a small scale and presented in the guise of a much larger one. It’s a rather clever series because DiMichele addresses that installations can exist on any scale, and can illicit a conversation whether the photographs are real or “pseudo” documentation of the installation.

Source: Installation Magazine