This project is a representation of how reality can set limits to imagination, which is in turn something limitless.
Each photograph was taken in a section of the Bronx Zoo in NYC called ‘The World of Birds’. Every photo represent a bird’s cage. The idea was then to associate these cages to the different places I used to live around the world, since I was born until today. All these places have been to me sometimes like nests and sometimes like cages. There my ideas ‘grew up’ and my thoughts have been more free or less free, depending on the different characteristics of those places. By adapting myself to those different environments, my creativity struggled with realy to develop. This project is meant to be an expression of repressed feelings of freedom – such as the ones birds experience in their cages.

  • Each photograph represents the real interior of the cages.
  • The title of each photograph was created with the vowels contained
    in the different addresses of the places, and thus represent the different cages-memories.