Using the detritus of daily life, Rachel Perry produces installations, sculptures, photographs, works on paper, performances, and videos in which she explores how identity is both shaped and subsumed by contemporary consumer culture. Misdirected phone messages, spam mailings, receipts, and medical records are among the materials she collects—often in vast quantities—and crafts into her meticulously composed, witty works of art. In her “Lost in My Life” series (begun 2009), for example, she photographs herself almost entirely camouflaged by such consumer byproducts as takeout containers and stickers on fruit. Simultaneously personal and universal, Perry’s works map her own life and reveal patterns in ours. Or, as she once said:

What I am doing here is trying to comment on the daily life of one small life on this planet as it may relate to art and that is all.

Rachel Perry

Source: Artsy