Talia Shipman’s photographic series Meet Me In The Middle explores an imagined post-apocalyptic world where water and other basic needs are replaced by consumer objects, examining the human and natural world’s propensity to change and transform.

Meet Me In The Middle was created in a fervent process of navigating and confronting the unforgiving conditions of the static desert landscape. Fascinated by the colour turquoise as a metaphor for water, fluidity, and change, Shipman struggles to find balance between the two uniquely fragile extreme ecosystems – the increasingly dehydrated earth and equally delicate capitalist world order. The series and the subject matter addressed is relevant concerning the ongoing global water crisis, current contentions raised at the Dakota pipeline protests, and the commodification of this precious resource. Underscoring the layering of references, she alludes to environmental concerns, social conventions, and her own personal quest for identity.